SAT Tutoring in El Paso (Texas)

Manhattan Review knows what it takes to take students to the next level on SAT and ACT tests to help put their college applications over the top to be top candidates. Take advantage of the most effective, comprehensive, and engaging SAT preparation services available in El Paso. Founded in 1999, Manhattan Review has strived to continuously perfect our methods and materials to give our clients the best advantage available on various standardized tests used for admission to most postsecondary programs. Our SAT prep offerings for El Paso students include in-person one-on-one SAT tutoring, online interactive SAT tutoring, and SAT group courses in on-site or online formats. We also, write, publish, and distribute SAT practice tests of the highest quality to help our students have a real-world test experience prior to taking the SAT. This helps our world-class educators pinpoint areas of weakness to improve upon and areas of strength to capitalize on. Our students can then approach the test with confidence that they are fully prepared to get top-percentile scores on the SAT. We are also the author of the widely respected Turbocharge Your Prep series of SAT guidebooks. Manhattan Review's El Paso SAT tutors and classroom instructors have been the top choice because of the wide-ranging teaching experience, top-notch academic credentials, and dynamic teaching styles. Combined with the innovative program developed by Manhattan Review, our tutors are equipped to help a variety of students and their needs, from students applying to universities from within the United States to those international students looking to prepare for English-speaking programs around the world. Learn more about Manhattan Review's superior SAT programs by contacting our El Paso office today.

More than two million people take the SAT each year, making it one of the world's most widely taken standardized assessments. According to the College Board, the median SAT composite score for all students during the most recent testing year was approximately 1050. Selective universities typically expect composite scores of 1300 or higher, and very selective colleges will receive many applications from candidates with SAT scores of at least 1400. With this knowledge, give yourself the advantage of effective SAT preparation to achieve your potential. Raise the bar for yourself, and open doors to elite programs around the world. Manhattan Review's El Paso SAT learning plans consistently produce high scores for students who complete the courses and devote sufficient effort to their studies.

Manhattan Review is proud of our numerous SAT students who have been admitted to a long list of elite research universities and liberal arts colleges, among them University of Texas Austin, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, the University of California-Berkeley, Tufts, the College of William & Mary, the California Institute of Technology, and many more. Think ahead to how your elite education will open doors to some of the best companies to work for in El Paso, including Western Refining, AT&T, Charles Schwab, or a wide variety of civilian positions with the US military or DEA. Set yourself up now for a successful future with long-term planning. Manhattan Review's SAT prep courses and SAT private tutoring for students in El Paso will help you get a leg up on a bright future.

SAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

SAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online
SAT Prep Course El Paso - Photo of Student Jessica

He helped us relate new vocabulary words with words we use everyday. I learned some excellent SAT tips and new vocab.
- Jessica (This student took our SAT preparation course)

Meet a El Paso SAT Tutor: Michael T.

Michael is a proud El Paso native who returned to his home city in 2015 after more than 10 years in Boston. He earned a bachelor's degree in history at the University of Texas and a master's degree in social work at Boston University. He began his career working with people struggling with addiction in Boston, before choosing to turn his attention to work with young adults as an SAT tutor in 2009.

Michael is delighted to work with his El Paso students who are full of ambition and dreams for their future. He brings with him his experience with a variety of people and backgrounds to have flexibility in his approach and patience to help all students achieve their potential. Michael has helped hundreds of students gain acceptance to their top-choice university and is looking forward to many more.