SAT Tutoring in Cincinnati (Ohio)

If you are looking for the most customizable and advanced SAT tutoring programs available, Manhattan Review has you covered right here in Cincinnati. With an unsurpassed syllabus, our first-class tutors will give you one-on-one attention. These professionals have a proven track record of helping students master their weakest and strongest subjects through years of experience.

For over fifteen years, high school students have utilized our industry leading test prep methods. We have made our curriculum available in a multitude of ways such as exam prep courses, individual professional tutoring and our unique Interactive Online Courses. High school students seeking top scores on the SAT have benefited from these resources year after year and rank Manhattan Review as the resource for increasing their SAT score.

Students in Cincinnati are given a personalized learning plan perfect for their unique learning style so they enter the SAT exam with confidence. Over the years, we have scrutinized the SAT and been able to organize the information into an easy-to-understand, high-quality course syllabus. We discovered the reasoning behind each questions is truly the key to scoring higher on the SAT; and our distinguished and knowledgeable tutors will help you accomplish just that.

Whether you take our prep courses, utilize our Interactive Online Courses or one-on-one sessions with our sought after and highly acclaimed tutors, your SAT results will be recognized by the best undergraduate programs in the country. Take your application to the top of the pile at Yale, Northwestern, Stanford or Harvard- just to list a few of the schools our students graduated from in past years. Or if you prefer, take advantage of the best in-state institutions at Xavier, Kent and Akron Universities in the Buckeye state. Discover more about private tutors in Cincinnati and how they will increase your potential on the SAT.

SAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

SAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online
SAT Prep Course Cincinnati - Photo of Student Shaniqua

My instructor goes into detail with every problem. I left this SAT course with new material learned and easier ways to solve problems, which helped me out a lot. With the material I learned here I was able to up my math test scores.
- Shaniqua (This student took our SAT preparation course.)


Primary Course Venue:

Manhattan Review GMAT GRE LSAT Prep
Cincinnati Teaching Center at the Marriott
151 Goodman Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: (513) 297-1580

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Cincinnati SAT Tutor: David E.

With over six years of experience working in the classroom as a private tutor, David tells everyone he truly has a passion for teaching. Covering a wide range of subjects, David alone has worked with more than 400 students over six years. Using one of this many memorization tactics (which he teaches to all his students) he can even recall every single one of his students' SAT scores.

David completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Next, David attended Columbia for graduate school where he received his Masters in Cognitive Psychology. Throughout this scholastic career, his love of learning never faltered. He began tutoring at the undergrad level as a volunteer and David soon recognized that tutoring was like a two-for-one special. He was able to watch his peers shine and manage his tuition costs.

Now, as a SAT prep coach, David has refined his skills and is able to adjust his methods for varying learning styles. Motivating young scholars has been a part of his life for nearly a decade. David discovers fresh ways to inspire and engage his students using his background in Cognitive Psych; where he focused on the psychology of learning. Using our world-class curriculum, he reaches all types of students who give David high praises in their end-of-course evaluations. David jokes that as long as you don't hate on his beloved Seattle Seahawks – even while rooting for the Bengals – he promises to exceed your expectations.