Free Downloads to support your TOEFL Preparation

Free ETS Downloads for TOEFL Prep

The ETS website includes a wealth of preparation resources available for free download. The TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler for Windows 7+ (Mac is not supported) includes unlimited access to questions from all four sections of past TOEFL administrations. Students may also download TOEFL iBT Test Questions, a 32-page PDF that features practice questions, sample responses for speaking and writing, and answer explanations. The TOEFL iBT Test Prep Planner, also a free PDF, is a 90-page document that helps students organize their long-term TOEFL study, intended for a period of eight weeks. TOEFL iBT Quick Prep is a free practice tool, with practice questions from official tests. Some of these documents feature both transcripts for listening passages and links to the audio, while others include transcripts only.

ETS Data and Research Available for Free Download

ETS has published a great deal of research on the TOEFL, much of which is available for the general public to download free of charge. Students interested in statistics on TOEFL scores may consult the Test Score and Data Summary for the TOEFL iBT document, which provides detailed breakdowns of scores by type of student, gender, region, and country of origin. The TOEFL iBT Research Insight Series is a group of brief reports on topics ranging from TOEFL history to information about the TOEFL for teachers. The TOEFL Research Report Archives is a database of ETS publications on the TOEFL dating back to the 1970s. The database does not include full text of all articles, but researchers may review abstracts and request copies of full reports.

Downloads of Important TOEFL Forms

Test-takers who intend to register for the TOEFL by phone or by standard mail must download, print, and complete a hard copy of the registration form. Students requesting rescoring of their tests complete this procedure with the TOEFL iBT Score Review Request Form, which is also downloaded from the ETS website. Other important downloadable forms include the Registration Form for Test-Takers with Disabilities or Health-Related Needs, the Additional Score Report Request Form, the Score Reinstatement Request Form, and the Refund Request Form. In many cases, there are separate forms for the iBT and PBT.

The TOEFL Information and Registration Bulletin

The TOEFL Information and Registration Bulletin, which is published in separate versions for the iBT and PBT, may be downloaded without cost on the ETS website. The bulletin contains important information about registration, testing policies and procedures, score reporting, and reporting codes for countries and university departments. All test-takers should review the bulletin in order to learn what is expected of them on test day and avoid any incidental violations of ETS rules, which can lead to dismissal from test centers and cancellation of scores.

Free TOEFL Downloads Available from Universities

Some university websites offer free downloads of TOEFL prep materials or independent research studies relevant to the TOEFL. TOEFL prep aids on university websites are usually reproductions of ETS publications or documents created by private test prep firms. Independent research on the TOEFL has been published in a number of academic journals, some of which can be read free of charge through university databases. Additionally, the TOEFL has been the subject of several doctoral dissertations and master's theses, and these works can usually be downloaded at no cost.

Manhattan Review Free TOEFL Downloads

Students may download a free TOEFL practice test from the TOEFL section of the Manhattan Review website. The procedure for receiving this free practice test involves submission of a name and email address, the latter of which is the delivery method for the required access code. Manhattan Review also provides free online info sessions on its available TOEFL prep services, which include prep courses, private tutoring, and practice tests.

TOEFL eBooks

All of the official ETS books on the TOEFL as well as many of the unofficial TOEFL textbooks are available electronically. While these eBooks are usually not free, the cost can be far less than the comparable print versions. Digital books have several advantages over their print counterparts, such as keyword search capabilities, easy transfer to other devices, and convenience of storage.

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