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Manhattan Review has been providing quality TOEFL instruction to students all around the world since our early beginnings in 1999. While we value the tenants and skills of what the TOEFL teaches, we also greatly value working with students to make sure they achieve their goals. The English language is not an easy one, and the TOEFL itself is challenging and nuanced. While we offer an array of in-person and online tutoring and instructional services, we also pride ourselves in providing a completely free of charge set of 26 TOEFL practice questions. The best things in life are free, right? We like to think the same applies to our free services and offerings.

Whether it's working through Reading Comprehension questions that enhance your ability to pinpoint main ideas and important details or honing your listening skills that allow for greater understanding as it relates to tone and intent, these will push you forward and get you one step closer to that high score.

So what are you waiting for? Take one more step to gaining admittance into the school of your dreams and get started on this free practice today!

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 Question TOEFL-R-1 12 Questions - Variable Level
 Question TOEFL-R-1-13  
 Question TOEFL-R-2-1 6 Questions - Variable Level
 Question TOEFL-R-2-2 3 Questions - Variable Level
 Question TOEFL-R-2-3 4 Questions - Variable Level

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