Free TOEFL Prep – Overview

If you're preparing for the TOEFL, you know all too well it's an investment of time, energy, and serious determination. At Manhattan Review, we work with TOEFL students from all across the world—some seeking admission to elite schools in the United States and other English-speaking parts of the world. If you want to perform your best, you have to go to the best. At Manhattan Review, we pride ourselves in helping students gain admission to the school of their dreams since our early beginnings in 1999. We're an international company meeting the needs of ambitious, international students. Your goals are within reach, let us help you take your next step.

While we offer a viarety of academic services, whether it's in-person or online TOEFL classes or application consulting, we are a primary resource for countless students all across the world. We believe in offering quality practice materials completely free of charge to all prospective students, which is why we're poised to tell you about our free TOEFL practice question bank and mock exam. Don't you think you deserve some free quality practice with all the hard work you're putting into your studies? Let us help.

Free TOEFL Practice Questions

At Manhattan Review, we are pleased to offer a variety of free practice questions to help you in your journey of TOEFL preparatory studies. Our free practice questions provide prospective students with a nuanced understanding of what each question really asks. You've been studying the structure of these questions, now it's time to take it a step further and look into its underlying intent. Honing your speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills takes time; our practice questions provide depth as well as valuable practice.

Whether it's delving into inference or detail questions, this practice is exactly what you need at this stage in your course of study. Other academic services companies may boast of their free offerings, but none compare to the highest quality we provide. After all, a high score on the TOEFL isn't accomplished overnight; it takes careful practice in addition to true determination. Our free TOEFL questions are available to you anytime you need the additional help, showing you that there's more than one correct way to find the answer you're looking for. If you value variety and challenging questions, this free of charge practice is for you.

If you're looking to fine tune your reading comprehension strategies or aiming to improve upon your listening skills, with these practice TOEFL questions—we've got you covered. Sometimes to further enhance your overall TOEFL performance you need to focus in particular question types and the ways in which you arrive at correct answers. Not only do we provide details of how to determine a correct answer, but we also break down for you explanations as to why an answer is incorrect. Additionally, there's more than one right way to find the answer you're looking for, so we provide various avenues and techniques. While these free practice questions are just a small sampling of the vast amounts of practice we provide many of our students, they are thorough and lend themselves to being very productive for those seeking advanced practice.

Take some time to explore our free TOEFL practice questions so you can refine the skills you need to enter the school of your dreams. Nothing beats isolated focus, whether it's listening, writing, or reading comprehension. Sometimes when we make great strides conquering one particular question type, we see positive change and consequences in other question types, as well. Quality free practice questions are hard to come by, particularly in a time where "anything goes" online with misinformation and faulty advice. Our free practice TOEFL questions are of the highest quality and sure to be similar to what you will encounter on test day.

Our free practice questions are intended to give students an enhanced understanding of what the TOEFL has in store for you on exam day. You have the drive and determination, all you need is the material. Well, our free practice questions are a great start.

New Innovative Visual Tool: Your Answers Versus Those of Other Test Takers

Now you can enhance your TOEFL preparation process with an exciting new feature we're proud to present! Below you will see the screenshot of a typical reading/vocab TOEFL question with four answer choices: A, B, C, and D. In this particular example, "you" chose answer A, which is outlined in bold as the selected answer choice and also the correct answer, as it's color coded in green. According to the accompanying statistic, 8.3% of other users also chose this answer, showing that it wasn't an easy one to answer correctly!

The other answer choices are incorrect because they are in red. Both B and C have the same amount of people who answered it incorrectly at 16.7% and D really threw most people a curveball at 58.3%. This statistical breakdown reveals to you a much-needed insight into not only your own test-taking process, but that of others—more importantly, your competition. How else are you going to attain that high score? Clearly, this new feature, combining quality practice questions with user data, is sure to take you to the next level in your TOEFL prep!

Example Question (Screenshot):

Free TOEFL Practice Test

Mock TOEFL tests are vital in tracking your test-taking progress. How else can you determine what score you need to attain unless you know where your score currently rests? Our free mock TOEFL exam will give you an advanced understanding of your own process as well as progress; in addition, it facilitates a "test day" experience that is like no other. This free practice exam will help build confidence and morale as you near closer and closer to the day of your test.

With our free TOEFL practice test you have the opportunity to flex your test-taking stamina while simultaneously specifying your exam endurance. Take time out of your day to experience this important mock exam and get a better grip on your TOEFL progress. Practice makes perfect and a mock exam is vital for success.