Free Downloads for the IELTS

Free Official IELTS Downloads for Preparation

The IELTS website offers practice materials in several formats that are available for free download. Clicking on the "Prepare for Your IELTS Test" link from the "Book a Test" dropdown menu or the "Sample Test Questions" link from the "About the Test" dropdown menu produces free exercises for all sections of the IELTS, which may be downloaded in the appropriate format (e.g. PDF for answer sheets and MP3 for listening exercises). Exercises for both the academic and general training tests are included. There are two volumes of official practice materials available for purchase. Volume 1 includes a CD, while volume 2 features a DVD (the cost is £13.71 each). The IELTS website also includes links to test centers that offer IELTS preparation courses.

IELTS Research Available for Free Download

The "Teaching and Research" section of the IELTS website hosts a search engine that allows interested persons to find IELTS publications, many of which may be downloaded without cost. IELTS Research Reports are on topics ranging from the validity of individual IELTS sections to studies of the testing performance of students from specific countries. Interested test-takers can also view information on test scoring and demographics for the total group of IELTS administrations. Test scores are reported by gender, place of origin, and first language. Demographic data are listed by the reason for testing, nationality of test-takers, and overall band scores with respect to country of origin and first language.

Downloads of IELTS Informational Brochures

Various downloadable informational brochures can be found via the "Publications" link on the IELTS website (see the "About the Test" menu). The IELTS Information for Candidates bulletin, available as a PDF in English, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese, contains advice for test preparation, information about test administration, test format, and test scoring, and tips for taking the test. Other brochures available on this section of the IELTS website include a Guide for Agents (intended to help immigration officials assist their clients), a Guide for Institutions (which helps schools set IELTS standards), a Guide for Teachers (featuring teacher IELTS resources), and a document on how to use the Results Verification Service.

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