IELTS Private Tutoring in Honolulu (Hawaii)

IELTS Tutoring in Honolulu

Are you a Honolulu-based student seeking to obtain the highest score possible on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)? If English is not your first, or native, language, and you plan on attending an English-speaking college or university, you will need to obtain an impressive score on the IELTS to demonstrate your readiness to learn in the English language. While learning any new language can be challenging, those who learn English as their second, third, or fourth language know it can be especially difficult and requires far more effort than simply reviewing vocabulary words. Interactive conversation and dedicated study are needed to truly immerse yourself in the English language, and our experienced tutors at Manhattan Review are ready to help you obtain the IELTS score you need to attend the college program of your dreams. When it comes to preparing for an important standardized test, many students enjoy learning in the company of others and find their peers' questions and comments insightful and helpful. Other students, however, know they do not perform to their full capabilities in a classroom-style group setting, finding themselves distracted by others or frustrated when they must alter their own pace of learning to match that of their peers. If you are an ESL student looking to prepare for the IELTS as part of attending an English-speaking college, consider working with one of the world-class private tutors at Manhattan Review.

For those students seeking to take their IELTS preparation to the next level, there is no better way to support your learning than by partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. Research consistently demonstrates that working with a private tutor is one of the fastest and most dependable ways to improve your grasp of the necessary information. Working one-on-one with a private tutor has been shown to accelerate learning, helping you master the necessary information to excel on a standardized test while also improving your confidence in your test-taking skills and reducing test-related anxiety. If you know you learn complex information best through individualized attention and a customized program of study, we invite you to contact us at Manhattan Review and learn about our unparalleled private tutoring options. Whether you have been preparing for the IELTS for months or have only begun to consider how you will prepare, there is no need to attempt to piece together your own IELTS study program, hoping you are covering the most relevant and pertinent information or wondering if you are sticking to the most useful study schedule. The dedicated and experienced private tutors at Manhattan Review have deconstructed the IELTS and used their knowledge to analyze every section and every question, creating a syllabus that is unparalleled in the test prep industry. We are fortunate to have secured the services of the best IELTS instructors in the business, and they know just how to guide you to your own standardized test success. 

The IELTS is one of two major exams used by universities in the English-speaking world to assess English language competency (the other exam is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL). The IELTS is a British examination, and it is therefore favored by many universities in the United Kingdom. The TOEFL is an American test, and many U.S. colleges favor it over the IELTS. A number of postsecondary institutions in both the United States and the United Kingdom, however, will accept either the IELTS or the TOEFL, and we advise all of our test prep clients to verify the English requirements of their preferred undergraduate or graduate program. If you have a choice between the IELTS and the TOEFL, the best solution is to try practice versions of both tests, ultimately favoring whichever one is easier for you. It is important to note that there are some clear differences between the two tests…speaking skills, for example, are evaluated by audio recordings on the TOEFL and by in-person interviews on the IELTS. 

The IELTS is graded on a scale of 1 to 9, with higher scores reflecting a better understanding of the English language and a stronger ability to communicate effectively in this language. Schools such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Caltech require a minimum IELTS score of 7 in order to obtain admission to undergrade programs, although incoming students routinely have scores higher than this. Most colleges and universities in the United Kingdom and the United States suggest an IELTS score of 6 to 7 in order to be considered competitive for admission. 

Manhattan Review has been providing leading standardized test prep resources and materials since 1999, and we are proud to use our experience to help you achieve you own personal and professional success. We take great pride in pairing students with just the right private tutor, and our tutoring options are carefully designed with your specific learning needs taken into account. Our private tutors are eager to teach you the most current and effective test-taking strategies, certain to help you improve your score while also reducing any test-related anxiety you might feel prior to this important exam. Those students who work with Manhattan Review's private tutors consistently gain admission into the top English-speaking colleges and universities in the United States and around the world, including Princeton University, Yale University, Harvard University, New York University, Columbia University, the University of Cambridge, Cornell University, Duke University, Georgetown University, Oxford University, the University of Chicago, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Southern California, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, Northwestern University, American University, Rice University, the University of Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. 

When you partner with Manhattan Review, your tutor will begin by identifying your unique learning style. They will then help you leverage the academic strengths you already possess while showing you how to avoid any areas of weakness that might negatively impact your test performance. When you work with a private tutor, you never have to worry about being overlooked or left behind; you also don't have to worry about mastering a concept quickly and then having to wait for the rest of the group to learn it before moving on. When you work with a private tutor, learning occurs on your schedule…you can spend more time on topics that prove challenging for you, and you can move on to new concepts as soon as you have mastered the foundational basics. In order to obtain the highest possible IELTS score, set yourself up for the success you deserve and give yourself every possible advantage by partnering with experienced test prep professionals. 

The private tutors at Manhattan Review have each experienced their own impressive standardized test successes, but we do not only hire exceptional test-takers…we hire exceptional educators with strong backgrounds in teaching and learning theory. Our tutors are sought-after professionals who specialize in helping students just like you obtain the standardized test scores they need to advance towards their collegiate goals. Whether you prefer to learn in-person or virtually, our tutors are available during daytime, evening, and weekend hours to ensure there is always a time to study that is convenient for you and your busy schedule. If you want to take control of your future and ensure yourself a world-class education, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about preparing for the IELTS with a private tutor. Together, we can turn collegiate goals into reality, and there is always a place for you with Manhattan Review.

IELTS Private Tutoring

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Meet a Honolulu IELTS Tutor: Esteban S.

Esteban S. was born in Tulum, Mexico, but moved to the United States in middle school when his father was offered a position with an architecture firm in Miami. "I hated leaving my extended family," recalls Esteban, "but thankfully, it was an easy flight back home and I got to spend summers and most school vacations with my grandparents and cousins." Esteban loved learning about his Mexican culture and heritage, especially the artwork and traditional handcrafts created by older family members. "I remember watching people weave baskets and make pottery, and I worried because of how old everyone was…what would happen to these amazing artforms if young people like myself didn't take an interest and get involved?" 

Esteban not only began creating his own artwork, but he also started documenting the process by which family members celebrated their rich cultural heritage. "I discovered how much I loved film-making, and I knew I wanted to do something that shared my ancestry with others who had never been to Mexico," he says. Esteban worked exceptionally hard throughout school, participating in athletic activities like baseball and soccer, as well as extracurricular activities like the yearbook committee and student government. He also helped his high school host a yearly Dia de los Muertos celebration complete with sugar skulls and performances by local Hispanic musicians and dancers. Esteban's hard work paid off when he was accepted into the world-famous film program at the University of Southern California. "It was a dream come true to learn the process behind film-making, and I loved every second I was there," he smiles.

After graduating from USC, Esteban began making short films about the artwork of his native country, and he was invited to share his films at festivals around the world. He was also invited to speak at art galleries featuring traveling shows with Central and Latin American artists. As a non-native English speaker, Esteban wanted to find a way to help others not only master the English language but use it to further their careers and improve their lives. He completed a master's in education from the University of Miami, followed by a TESOL certificate from Boston University. He first came to Honolulu as an artist-in-residence as part of an outreach program through a local university, then decided to make the city his home after several opportunities proved too good to pass up. Esteban joined the Manhattan Review team in 2019 and quickly became one of our most popular instructors. Students appreciate his bilingual knowledge of English and Spanish, as well as his ability to break down the IELTS in ways that make it less intimidating. When he isn't helping others master English to excel on standardized tests, Esteban can be found learning to play the guitar, editing his latest documentary film project, or teaching kids how to paint and create other artwork at local after-school programs.

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