IELTS Tutoring in Albuquerque (New Mexico)

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an exam that is more commonly accepted at British universities than those in the United States. It also has a more conversational focus in its approach to the English language than the similar (and more widely known) TOEFL exam. Despite the fact that it may be seemingly less useful for students in the Albuquerque area who are looking to improve their grasp of the English language, an increasing number of universities all over the world are beginning to accept both exams, and some research into whether your school of choice will take the IELTS (along with whether you think it's more conversational focus or the TOEFL exam's more academic approach) is highly recommended for any students who are looking to prepare for the exam. Regardless of which one you choose to go with, Manhattan Review is ready to help anyone and provide them with private tutoring.

Students who have used Manhattan Review for their tutoring have gone into their IELTS exam with more confidence and an ability to manage their time better when taking the exam. As a result, they have come out of the process with better scores on the exam and a better chance of long-term success in their academic goals. Students who have used Manhattan Review tutors in their IELTS preparation have gone on to such successful and acclaimed universities as Oxford, Cambridge, and University of London in the United Kingdom (where the IELTS is more generally accepted) and Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Chicago (along with many others) in the United States. These acceptances to successful universities have resulted in our clients having long term success in their careers as well, with many of them going on to work for successful Fortune 500 companies, including some in the Albuquerque area like Dell and Tempur-Pedic.

With the standards for scoring on standardized tests becoming increasingly stringent, and the rules of the English language being potentially difficult to grasp for anyone who is learning it for the first time, having a mentor who can assist you in your preparation and correct you as you go along in your journey is an invaluable resource. Albuquerque's high number of residents whose first language is Spanish means that Manhattan Review's tutors in the area are some of the most experienced in terms of helping their students in the process of their preparation for the IELTS exam. Manhattan Review has been helping students with their test preparation since 1999, and we have kept our testing methods, practice exams, group courses, and private tutoring updated to reflect the formatting of the exam, and featuring both online and in-person options for your convenience. Contact an academic program advisor today to learn more about our options.

IELTS Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

IELTS Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online


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Phone: (212) 316-2000

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet an Albuquerque IELTS Tutor: Frank B.

Frank B. moved to Albuquerque after graduating with his Bachelor's degree in Spanish from University of Chicago. During his time in college, he spent time studying abroad in Puerto Rico, where he taught some of the residents English in his spare time. He is looking to become a Spanish teacher and currently works as a translator at a publishing company.

Frank has spent his tutoring time in Albuquerque using his lived experience in a Spanish speaking country as a way to relate to his students, and also as a way of demonstrating how immersing his students in the language they are trying to learn is a great way to ensure that they pick it up more quickly. In his spare time, Frank plays the electric guitar.