Help Your Child Master the SSAT with Manhattan Review's Online Prep Courses

SSAT Online Courses

In today's fast-paced world, it can often seem as if there is never enough time for children to complete the tasks they need to do. Homework, family responsibilities, extracurricular activities, enrichment lessons, religious obligations and more take up your child's valuable time, making it difficult to understand where to fit SSAT test prep into an already full schedule. Preparing for the SSAT can seem overwhelming, as it's one more activity you must now find time to help your child prioritize. At Manhattan Review, we know just how important a high SSAT score is to securing a spot in a leading private middle or high school program. To ensure that even the busiest student can learn how to ace this potentially life-changing exam, we have created flexible SSAT prep options that can be accessed wherever a student is located. Our comprehensive online prep courses are meticulously designed for prospective private school students, who aim to obtain a stellar score certain to open important academic doors.

Manhattan Review's online SSAT courses offer the exact same instruction, homework, practice tests, and resources as our in-person classroom-based courses. At Manhattan Review, we believe an online course should be just as in-depth and informative as a course taken in a physical classroom. While some students continue to appreciate learning in a physical classroom setting, our online course is ideal for students who do not live close to any of our 90 classroom locations or who desire the opportunity to prepare for the SSAT from a remote location at times that are convenient for them.

Unsurpassed Instructional Excellence

The quality of an instructor can turn a good preparation course into an extraordinary one. That's why at Manhattan Review, we pride ourselves on hiring only the most committed and talented instructors in the test prep industry. Our instructors are not only spectacular teachers, but they have also achieved impressively high standardized test scores themselves. These passionate and experienced mentors possess a wealth of practical insights, including effective test-taking strategies, as well as a true commitment to seeing their students succeed. The commitment our instructors demonstrate to each and every student is one of the things that continues to set our instructional services apart, and we look forward to welcoming your child into just the right SSAT course for their learning needs.

Why Choose Manhattan Review's SSAT Online Prep For Your Child?

Tailored Flexibility to Suit Your Child's Schedule

We understand that the lives of children are overflowing with responsibilities and commitments. Our online courses are created to provide students with the flexibility they need to prepare for the SSAT in a way that best works for your family. With no travel time and the ability to access test prep materials from anywhere with a stable internet connection, it really is possible to integrate SSAT preparation into a busy lifestyle. At Manhattan Review, we know how important your child's education is, which is why we've developed comprehensive yet flexible prep courses to ensure they are prepared and confident on the day of their exam.

Comprehensive Curriculum, Unmatched Expertise

Drawing from our years of experience and success in SSAT preparation, Manhattan Review boasts a complete and effective curriculum. Our team of instructors consists of industry veterans who have not only mastered the SSAT and other standardized tests themselves but who also have a proven track record of guiding students to obtain their own high scores. Through a blend of live instruction, recorded lectures, and review materials, we cover every aspect of the SSAT so your child can apply with confidence to even the most selective private schools.

Interactive Learning Environment

One common reservation parents sometimes have about online learning is the fear of having their child miss out on the interactive experience found in a traditional classroom. To ensure a virtual learning experience is as interactive as possible, Manhattan Review utilizes cutting-edge technology platforms that foster real-time interaction between students and instructors. Our virtual classrooms are a hive of activity where students can ask questions, engage in discussions, and participate in group exercises mirroring the dynamic flow of an in-person class. The only truly significant difference between online and in-person courses is that those families whose students learn in-person have the added weekly requirement of a commute.

Personalized Feedback for Unparalleled Improvement

At Manhattan Review, we believe in the power of personalized guidance. Our instructors closely monitor their students' progress through advanced analytics and provide parents and caregivers with tailored feedback, pinpointing areas for improvement and strategies to help children overcome any test-related weaknesses. This individualized approach ensures that your child is not just another participant in our course but a future success story waiting to make their mark.

Our Success Stories Speak for Themselves

The true testament to the effectiveness of our SSAT Online Prep Courses lies in the achievements of our alumni. Thousands of our students have obtained high scores on their SSATs and other standardized tests, ultimately securing admissions to prestigious schools worldwide. Manhattan Review sets the standard for online SSAT preparation, and we can't wait to guide your child to their own well-deserved SSAT high score.

Addressing Concerns About Online Learning

Manhattan Review's online courses are taught live, in real-time, and include an instant messaging feature so students can interact directly with their instructor and fellow classmates. Students can also use an online interactive whiteboard feature to work collaboratively, both with the instructor as well as with other students. An online polling tool allows the entire class to submit answers that the instructor can track and respond to in real time. Every effort is made to ensure that students who take classes online have as interactive of an experience as possible, simply without placing the burden of a commute on already busy parents and caregivers.

While the advantages of online learning are many, we understand the reservations you or potential students might have. Here's how we address them:

  • Engagement:
    Our interactive platform and live instructional sessions ensure that online learning experiences are just as engaging, if not more so, than what you'd find in a physical classroom.
  • Discipline:
    Through structured study plans and regular assessments, we help students stay on track with their preparation, ensuring consistent progress toward their SSAT goals.
  • Quality of Instruction:
    Our instructors are not just experts in the SSAT…they're skilled educators who know how to effectively teach complex concepts through an online platform.

Our SSAT instructors teach the exact same course in online classes as they do in classroom-based ones. There is no difference in the length or content of lectures. As with classroom-based courses, lectures are available online after being delivered, allowing students to easily review the material presented in class. Students who learn online receive the same materials and practice tests as they would if they attended a course based in a physical classroom.

Taking the First Step

Starting your child on their journey to master the SSAT and attend a competitive private school starts here. With Manhattan Review's SSAT Online Prep Courses, your child is not merely preparing for a test—they are laying the foundation for their future academic and professional successes. 

Ready to take the first step towards ensuring your child's acceptance at prestigious secondary schools? Join the ranks of other parents and caregivers whose children started their educational journeys with Manhattan Review, and enroll your rising middle or high school student in one of our SSAT Online Prep Courses today.

For more information on how to enroll and to find answers to any questions you might have, please visit our website or contact our support team directly. We're here to ensure your child's SSAT preparation is nothing short of exceptional.

The Manhattan Review Difference: Exceptional Instructors

We are proud of the reputation we have developed for our very selective hiring process of instructors and tutors. Since Manhattan Review is a boutique test prep company offering customized SSAT preparation, we have the ability to dedicate more resources than most educational firms to our hiring process. We expect two things from our instructors: a great standardized test score and a passion for helping students obtain their own high SSAT score through personalized feedback and targeted lesson plans. Ultimately, we only hire those instructors with both superb test-taking and teaching skills, ensuring our students receive the highest quality instruction, setting them up for an SSAT score that will open important academic doors. 

We have learned a great deal from our many years in the test prep industry. Specifically, we understand that taking an exam and teaching others how to take it are two separate skills. Our instructors are skilled at tailoring the information they teach to each student's learning style. We are proud that the quality of our instructors is simply another reason why Manhattan Review stands out from other test prep companies. 

To truly understand what makes Manhattan Review so unique, it helps to consider the origins of the firm. Manhattan Review was conceived and started at an Ivy League business school, specifically, Columbia University Business School in New York City. Manhattan Review's Founder was not only pedagogically trained but went on to become a leading academic, eventually accepting a position as a professor at a prestigious business school in Europe. The experience the founder gained by being an active member of collegiate hiring committees, as well as evaluating the teaching potential of countless applicants, cannot be overstated or acquired through other contexts. That is why Manhattan Review's preparation options are widely considered the best choice for serious SSAT students.

Given the highly selective hiring process conducted by Manhattan Review, our instructors are more than qualified to teach all aspects of effective test preparation. This includes administering diagnostic tests, planning the most useful lessons, and guiding students through applicable test content. We aim to make sure each student receives the attention and expertise they deserve when preparing for such an important exam as the SSAT.

Our SSAT Online Courses are highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded SSAT specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy—please simply fill out the SSAT Prep Consultation Request Form, and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation is completely free, so get your prep started today!