MBA Application – Interviews

Preparing for the Interview

If you have been invited to interview for an MBA program, congratulations. Only a small percentage of applicants make it this far. The MBA interview should be approached much like a job interview. Refresh yourself with your personal statement and be prepared to tell your story. You should be prepared to discuss the main points covered in your essay: your strengths and how your past experiences have shaped them; your long-term goals; and how you feel an MBA will help you achieve these goals.

Much like in a job interview, you should be prepared to explain the gaps in your resume if there are any. The interviewer might ask, for example, about an accomplishment that you are most proud of. You may be asked about a decision you made and how it showcases your strengths. Be sure to stay on point and answer the questions that are asked of you. You may find the interview to be an opportunity to make points that you feel might not have come across in the essay or application. If you have certain things you want to try to discuss, make an outline of them ahead of time.

It is unlikely that your interviewer will quiz you on obscure knowledge. The questions should be get-to-know-you questions, in which the interviewer will be interested in learning your goals and plans first-hand. The interviewer is probably primarily interested in learning whether you are as compelling in person as you are in paper. If you are nervous, remind yourself that your story on paper is impressive enough to earned you're a face-to-face meeting. It might be helpful to have someone practice a mock interview with you. Ideally you want to come across relaxed and comfortable answering questions about yourself without appearing arrogant.

Don't forget the basics of your presentation. Dress in appropriate business attire. Be sure to be on time and bring copies of your resume. A thank you letter to your interviewer afterward is ok – make sure it is thoughtful and polite.

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