Executive MBA Programs

A different form of part-time MBA program, the executive MBA is designed for students who are typically farther along in their career and who want to build business expertise without stepping away from their current jobs. One of the most distinguishing features of executive MBA programs is the schedule. Rather than nights and weekends, the programs typically involve intensive weekend sessions.

Friday and Saturday classes every other weekend is a common schedule. Some programs offer Saturday and Sunday classes on alternating weekends or even Saturday only classes every week. The programs often do not offer formal majors but offer a range of electives and independed study courses. In many cases international study is offered. Several programs include a required week-long international seminar. Others offer international seminars as an elective for those interested in global management. Some programs also require a week of intensive classes on campus at the beginning of the program or at the beginning of each semester. Students are networking with their classmates and professors during intensive weekend sessions and with guest speakers or executives who make presentations to the program.

Because students are working full-time, internship opportunities are not usually offered. Students typically have acess to career placement or counseling services, but not the same recruiting services of the full-time MBA programs. Graduates typically become members of the school's alumni network with full access to alumni networking and career services.

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