ISEE Prep Class – Learn about the Curriculum and Instructors

ISEE Prep Class

In a world where standardized test scores continue to be critically important, taking the ISEE is not just about completing a test—it's about your child reaching a pivotal point on their path to academic success. In order to be accepted at the most competitive private elementary, middle, or high school programs, children need to demonstrate a very high ISEE score. For parents and caregivers seeking to help their child obtain such a potentially life-changing ISEE score, Manhattan Review is proud to offer meticulously crafted prep classes designed to not only meet but exceed every educational ambition you and your child may hold. 

Expertly-Designed ISEE Curriculum

Our curriculum is one of the most important parts of our ISEE prep classes, built upon a foundation of real-world applicability and academic rigor. With intentionally selected materials that reflect the most current ISEE trends and questions, our teaching approach ensures that students are receiving the most up-to-date and cutting-edge preparation available. This means there is no time wasted studying outdated material or focusing on concepts that will not appear on the exam. With Manhattan Review's comprehensive ISEE prep, your child will learn everything they need to obtain an impressive test score certain to open important academic doors.

Experienced Instructors

An instructor can turn a good preparation course into an extraordinary one. That's why at Manhattan Review, we pride ourselves on only hiring instructors who are not just gifted teachers but who have also achieved their own extraordinary standardized test scores. These experienced mentors bring with them a wealth of practical insights certain to improve the learning process for every student. Our tutors also know the most effective teaching strategies that can be applied to real-life testing scenarios, and they each have a genuine commitment to helping their students succeed. Your child will love working with our friendly and personable instructors, and we are committed to ensuring every student is taught in whatever way best helps them master applicable test-related material.

Flexible Learning Options

We understand that our students come from varied and diverse backgrounds, and every learner has unique responsibilities and commitments to juggle. A student's current busy schedule does not make it impossible for them to prepare for the ISEE. To accommodate your child's schedule, as well as their specific learning preferences, we offer a variety of class formats, including in-person sessions, live online courses, and private tutoring options, providing the perfect fit for every learner's needs.

Our ISEE Prep Classes are highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded ISEE specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy, please simply fill out the ISEE Prep Consultation Request Form, and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation is completely free, so get your prep started today!

Why Choose Manhattan Review for Your Child's ISEE Prep?

Here are some of the reasons why Manhattan Review is the first choice for many students' ISEE prep needs:

  • Personalized Learning Approach:
    We recognize the uniqueness of each individual student. Our courses offer customized study plans tailored to each learner's strengths and weaknesses. This personalized approach ensures that no time is wasted by focusing your child's efforts where they are needed most, making their ISEE prep as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Comprehensive Support Materials:
    From comprehensive question banks that mimic the actual ISEE to carefully crafted study guides and real-time practice tests, our exclusive materials are designed to give students a complete prep experience. These resources perfectly complement our teaching methods, allowing students to deepen their understanding of test concepts and refine their test-taking techniques at their preferred pace. Learning occurs when children feel comfortable, in an environment free from the stress that so often accompanies preparing for a test, and at Manhattan Review, we are experts in helping children feel confident and capable on the day of their exam.
  • Beyond the ISEE:
    At Manhattan Review, we believe in seeing the bigger picture. Our courses are designed not only with the goal of helping students score high on the ISEE but also to prepare them for the eventual challenges they will face in college and beyond. We foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that will be beneficial to your child's emerging independence, as well as their future academic and career endeavors.

Our Success Stories

Our confidence is born out of the numerous success stories that all began the same way—by a parent or caregiver reaching out and contacting Manhattan Review. Whether you are seeking test prep for a child going in to elementary, middle, or high school, we specialize in high test score success. Our alumni network is a testament to the efficacy of our approach, and our graduates have established themselves all around the world in successful and fulfilling careers. We are eager to help your child enjoy their own future successes, which begins by laying a strong academic foundation at a respected private school. We invite you to contact Manhattan Review to learn how we can support your child throughout their ISEE prep process.

Why Manhattan Review Stands Out:

We understand that you want to give your child the best chance of achieving their highest score possible on the ISEE. Here are two of the most important reasons why Manhattan Review stands out from other test prep companies:

  • Expertly Crafted Curriculum:
    Our ISEE Prep courses are intentionally constructed by a team of experts who have thoroughly mastered this difficult exam. This means students aren't just preparing for a test when they work with our instructors …they're being guided by the best minds in the field. Our curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the latest ISEE trends and changes, ensuring students are equipped with cutting-edge test-taking strategies certain to lead to high score success.
  • Unmatched Instructor Excellence:
    It's true our instructors obtained their own impressive standardized test scores, but more than just being skilled test-takers, our instructors are mentors who have walked the very path your child is currently on now. They bring real-world expertise from a variety of industries and offer insights that go far beyond textbooks. Their knowledge, empathy, and dedication are the cornerstones of our instructional approach, and they provide an academic and emotional support system unmatched in the test prep industry.

We are proud of the reputation we have developed for our very selective hiring process of instructors and tutors. Since Manhattan Review is a boutique test prep company offering customized ISEE preparation, we have the ability to dedicate more resources than most firms to our hiring process. We expect two things from our instructors: a great standardized test score and a passion for helping students obtain their own high ISEE score through consistent, personalized feedback. Ultimately, we only hire those instructors with both superb test-taking and teaching skills, ensuring our students receive the highest quality instruction so they know exactly what to expect on the day of their exam. 

We have learned a great deal from our decades in the test prep industry. Specifically, we understand that taking an exam and teaching others how to take it are two separate skills. Our instructors know just how to tailor the information they teach to each student's unique learning style, and the quality of our instructors is simply another reason Manhattan Review stands out from other test prep companies. 

To truly understand what makes Manhattan Review so unique, it helps to consider the origins of the firm. Manhattan Review was conceived and started at an Ivy League business school, specifically, Columbia University Business School in New York City. Manhattan Review's Founder was not only pedagogically trained but went on to become a leading academic, eventually accepting a position as a professor at a prestigious business school in Europe. The experience the founder gained by being an active member of collegiate hiring committees, as well as evaluating the teaching potential of countless applicants, cannot be overstated or acquired through other contexts. That is why Manhattan Review's preparation options are widely considered the best choice for serious ISEE students.

Given the highly selective hiring process conducted by Manhattan Review, our instructors are true test experts capable of teaching all aspects of comprehensive test preparation. This includes administering diagnostic tests, planning the most useful lessons, and guiding students through even the most difficult test content. We work hard to make sure each student receives the attention and expertise they deserve when preparing for an exam as important as the ISEE.