Test Prep Services in Sydney (Australia)

As the economic and financial hub of Australia, Sydney has grown to become a prosperous, popular, and wealthy city. Between the Sydney Opera House and the plethora of amazing art galleries, the city is a thriving cultural port. Not only is Sydney a great place to go for culture, it is an educational hub, as it is home to some of Australia's most prominent higher education institutions. Just as an example, the University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia, and is also the largest and highest ranked university in Sydney and New South Wales. As a result, scholars flock from around the globe to get in at these highly coveted colleges and universities.

For Australian students seeking top scores, Manhattan Review has comprehensive resources to help properly prepare for the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT, and TOEFL tests. We have analyzed these standardized exams, so our students don’t have to waste time with test prep that is inefficient and ineffective.

Instead, students can take advantage of the best resources, right at their fingertips. In addition to these state-of-the-art learning tools, including plenty of practice exams, we team up with the very best tutors in Sydney to ensure your success. Some of our tutors have traveled internationally to plant their roots in the Land Down Under, while others are well established in the community. But all of our educators are experts in test prep and capable of helping students truly shine on their standardized tests.

All of the major universities – the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, and University of Western Sydney – offer advanced facilities and amazing opportunities in higher education. In fact, students travel from around the world every year to pursue their college careers. With the help of Manhattan Review, you can secure your spot at the school of your choosing. High percentile test scores will bolster your application for undergraduate, graduate, or business school admissions. This competitive edge will give you the upper hand to choose what college or university you wish to attend. Whether you are native to the continent of Australia or are seeking out Sydney for the adventure and opportunity, set yourself apart from the competitive stack of admissions candidates.

Choose from our full-length classroom courses with an unparalleled test prep method and world-class tutors. Or, you can enlist the support of a private tutor in Sydney to get personalized attention on your schedule. For even more convenience, we have Interactive Online Courses, a virtual classroom with the functionality to interact with instructors and replay class discussions. No matter what your learning style, we have a platform that will perfectly suit your needs and strengthen your test-taking skills. Let Manhattan Review help you reach your full potential as you prepare to apply to schools and start your journey in Sydney.

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