Information on what happens on your SAT Test Day

What Happens on SAT Test Day?

On SAT test day, students should give themselves plenty of time and plan to arrive early at the test center. If the test is not being administered at their own high school, they should familiarize themselves with directions ahead of time.

Students must bring their admission ticket and a valid photo ID to the test center. Valid photo IDs include a driver's license, a passport or an official, school-issued photo ID. Check the College Board Web site for any questions about which IDs are acceptable.

Students should also bring at least two sharpened number 2 pencils and a good eraser. Acceptable calculators are also allowed for use in the Math section only. Most basic calculators are acceptable, but calculators can not be part of a cell phone, lap top or other electronic device. Check the College Board Web site for official guidelines about which calculators are acceptable.

There are several things that are prohibited on test day. Do not bring cell phones, computers, iPods or other electronic devices to the test center. Even during breaks, the use of cell phones is prohibited. Parents are not allowed to linger at the test center or contact students during the test. It is also prohibited to help or receive help from another student during the test, to look through the test book ahead of time, to work on the wrong section, to mark answers after time is called and to remove materials from the test center. When the test is over, do not share questions or information with anyone. The essay question can not be discussed until scores are posted online.

Bags and backpacks should be kept closed under the desk. During the break, students may eat a snack in the hall. It is a good idea to bring IDs when stepping out into the hall.

During the test, keep the answer sheet and test book flat on the desk. If changing a response, erase the old response as completely as possible. Some section may have more answer spot than there are questions, so look carefully to ensure answers are put in the proper spot. When the time is called put pencils down and put the answer sheet inside the test booklet.

There will also be a certification statement that students will have to copy in cursive onto their answer sheets and then sign.

Verifying or Canceling Scores

Students who would like to double-check their test scores can use one of two separate verification services to do so. The service that students can use depends on their test date and location, and the cost varies form $13.50 to $18.00. What the two services provide varies quite a bit – one provides the actual test questions that students got right or wrong and can even send a copy of their answer sheet for an extra fee. The other is more limited.

Students who want to cancel their test scores may do so either at the test center or up until midnight on the Wednesday following the test. Requests must be either overnighted or faxed as a signature is required. Details are on the College Board Web site.