LSAT Unscored Variable Section

LSAT Unscored Variable Section Basics

There is one section of the LSAT that is experimental and unscored. It is used to test new questions for possible use on future tests. This section is commonly referred to as the variable section. LSAC might use this section to evaluate the difficulty level of a question based on how many people get the question correct.

This section can appear anywhere in the test, and will be a repeat of one of the other four scored sections. The variable section will be unmarked, but if there are three Logical Reasoning sections, for example, one can assume that one of them was the variable section. Some report that the variable section is often one of the first three sections (which is a shame because that would mean it uses test-takers' early energy and attentiveness) but that has not been confirmed.

In any case, test takers should complete each section as if it counts, as it is not worth the risk of guessing wrong. Also, students who take practice tests with only four sections plus the writing sample, might want to add a fifth section to practices to measure their test-taking stamina for the full duration.