Information about the LSAT Format

LSAT Test Format

The LSAT consists of five 35-minute multiple choice sections followed by a 35-minute writing sample. Four of the five multiple choice sections are scored, and the fifth, commonly referred to as the "variable" section, is used to test questions for potential use on future tests. The variable section can be placed anywhere in the test and is not identified, so test takers should treat every section as if it counts. The writing sample is not scored but law schools receive copies of students' LSAT writing samples along with their LSAT scores.

The LSAT is designed to assess skills that law students use repeatedly during their 3-years of law school as well as during law careers that follow. These skills include comprehending complex texts; organizing information and drawing inferences from it; critical analysis; and evaluating the reasoning and arguments of others.

The three types of multiple-choice sections on the LSAT Test are:

  • Logical Reasoning
    These questions involve reading a short passage and then answering questions about it. The questions test skills such as critical thinking, legal reasoning and the ability to identify flaws in arguments.

  • Reading Comprehension
    This section includes four lengthy and complex reading passages, followed by questions that test comprehension and reasoning skills.

  • Analytical Reasoning
    Analytical reasoning questions often look like logic puzzles. They begin with several statements and rules that describe relationships between people, places or events. The questions then measure test takers' ability to understand and draw conclusions about the relationships.

The four sections of the LSAT that are scored include two Logical Reasoning sections, one Reading Comprehension section and one Analytical Reasoning section. The variable section will be an unidenfied extra section of one of those three section types. Each section has between 22 and 27 questions in it, meaning that with the 35-minute time limit per section, test takers have between a minute and a minute and a half to solve each question.