GMAT GRE LSAT SAT TOEFL Prep in Philadelphia

Manhattan Review Services in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

With the help of Manhattan Review prep courses, thousands of students in the Philadelphia area have been able to improve their test scores. Better scores have helped these test takers get accepted to their first-choice schools. Better test scores provide a competitive edge that is especially useful in Pennsylvania, as the state is home to many prestigious, top-ranked universities. We have coached students into getting high test scores that have helped them get into the University of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, Carnegie Mellon University, and many other fantastic schools. Stay in Pennsylvania and take advantage of in-state tuition, or venture further from home and take a look at some of the great schools that we've helped students get into, like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and UCLA.

Scholars in Pennsylvania are located in a strategic area for another reason. The city and the area around it is a vibrant hub of business, playing host to a cluster of Fortune 500 companies. We have worked with students who have then gone on to rewarding careers at Comcast, Sunoco, Aramark, Crown Holdings, and Rite Aid, among other renowned companies. We help our students properly prepare for the test, and the high scores that are the result of strategic studying open doors, not just to the best schools in Philadelphia and beyond, but also to the most coveted jobs available in the state.

Meet a Philadelphia Tutor: Mary M.

Mary has taught English in Sri Lanka, London, Germany, Brazil, and Romania. She studied Linguistics and Phonetics at Penn State, which opened various job opportunities around the world. Mary developed her interest in teaching English as a second language through her experience working in several different countries and programs. This interest evolved into Mary becoming a tutor for our TOEFL test prep program. A gifted communicator with a world-class education, Mary later received the honor of being invited to participate in research studies at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, with a heavy focus on Language and Cognition.

Mary also taught herself to speak and write fluent German as she taught strategies for the TOEFL. In her work with Manhattan Review, she has expanded her skill set to incorporate both the SAT and the GMAT as well. Mary boasted strong SAT scores before she went to Penn State, and can now help you attain your highest scores as well. When she's not teaching, Mary enjoys reading French plays, traveling to Paris, and learning Italian.

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