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Manhattan Review is the company clients turn to when seeking ACT preparation that covers more than standard drills and recycled practice problems. Since beginning our ACT prep program in 1999, we've guided thousands of students towards success through both on-site and online tutoring that focuses not only on the content of the test, but also the preparation techniques students must hone in order to maximize their potential for improvement.

In designing our ACT preparation materials, we've combed through previously administered exams, noting content and question trends within each section. As lifelong learners ourselves, we've also stayed informed on the latest schools of thought regarding effective test preparation techniques, and perfected the instruction of these strategies with every student we've coached. Our preparation program is therefore equal parts academic review, study skills building, and ACT-specific training, which leaves our students ready to approach the test in a way that best suits their specific strengths.

Our Instructors – More Than Great Test Takers

When we hire ACT instructors, we're not only looking for candidates who scored a 36 themselves, although many of our tutors have (multiple times). We're also seeking out individuals who have demonstrated a sincere interest in educating themselves and others throughout a variety of professions and unique life paths.

Our educators are trained in an astounding array of disciplines, and boast an impressive span of hobbies and personal interests. Hiring outside of the cookie-cutter image of test preparation experts allows us to ensure that your child will be paired with an instructor who can present material from a fresh perspective, and form deeper a connection with your student based on shared passions.

To find this perfect balance of esteemed educator and real human being, we rely upon a scrupulous screening process that includes multiple interviews, practice tests, and mock tutoring sessions. Only those tutors whom we determine possess a firm grasp of the test, and an exemplary ability to communicate with students, are invited to become Manhattan Review ACT instructors.

Manhattan Review History

As is the case with most entrepreneurs, Joern Meissner didn't set out to form a renowned test preparation company. In 1999, he was a doctoral student at Columbia Business School, fulfilling his obligations by delivering lectures to MBA students. His students quickly realized that they were lucky enough to be receiving better-than-average instruction, and word spread that Meissner had the rare ability to repackage complex subject matter into comprehensible lessons. From there, it didn't take long for students to begin comparing the ineffectual instruction they had received in preparation for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to the invaluable training they were now receiving from Meissner. A group of particularly enthusiastic pupils challenged Meissner to develop a GMAT preparation program that was simpler, yet more practical, than anything else on the market: a call-to-action he readily accepted and fulfilled.

After witnessing the impact that uncomplicated preparation had on GMAT test takers' scores—and morale—Meissner set to work applying this pared-down approach to other standardized tests. As his ideas grew, so too did his company. Manhattan Review is now an international educational services firm, with branches in major North America, European, Asian and Australian cities. We're now proud to offer prep courses and private tutoring for the ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, and TOEFL, in addition to the GMAT.

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