GMAT Verbal Section - Critical Reasoning Questions

Critical Reasoning Questions

The Critical Reasoning questions in the GMAT Verbal section begin with an argument that is usually just a few short sentences long and follow with a question about the argument. GMAT classifies the questions in this section as falling into one of three categories: argument construction, argument evaluation and formulating a plan of action.

Argument construction questions might ask about whether the argument was well supported or had a properly drawn conclusion. Argument evaluation questions might ask test takers to recognize factors that would strengthen or weaken an argument or might ask about the methods that the argument uses. Questions about formulating a plan of action might ask test takers to assess the appropriateness or effectiveness of an action plan.

These questions test skills. As a result, they can't be studied in the classic way, but they can be practiced. Many test takers have said that a successful way to approach this section is to read the question first, then read the argument. For many, it helps to approach the argument knowing what will be asked.