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Yale’s School of Management (SOM) recently made some significant adjustments to its core curriculum. The revised program enables students to take classes organized around constituencies such as customers and employees. Meantime, Yale’s SOM is looking to change its admissions process as a whole and increase the number of international students in its class. The school also announced plans for the construction of a new building. On December 11th a forum was held to discuss these various changes. Attendees were a group of prospective students and BusinessWeek. Bruce DelMonico, the Yale Admissions Director, and two Yale students, Abby Kowaloff and Michael McLaughlin answered their questions.

When asked to describe the purpose of the curriculum changes, DelMonico explained how the new program was designed to improve students’ learning experience in a broader way. He explained that the school’s goal is to train people for leadership roles in business. To do this, students need to learn to be able to cope with all the important aspects of the business world, including leading others. The new curriculum proposes to help make this possible. Questions emerged concerning the increase of the class size. It is estimated that about 300 or so more students will be accepted per year when this construction completes in 2011.

The admissions interview process was also a major topic. The audience was especially concerned with how interviewers prepare for an interview and how quickly they evaluate once it is complete. On-campus interviews are conducted by trained second year students. These interviewers have access to candidates’ applications before the interview. The interviewer will write a report of the interview usually within 24 hours in order to accurately evaluate a prospective student. Scholarship eligibility was another concern addressed. When an application is being reviewed, it is also decided whether a student merits a scholarship. If so, the notification will be sent out at the time of admission.

SOM is cited as having one of the lowest percentages of international students among top US B-schools. The panel explained how the admissions board is looking to not only increase diversity in regards to student bodies’ fields of study, but also to expand the diversity of the students’ origins. SOM would like their student body to reflect their international focus. Therefore, ongoing strategies have been implemented to have more interviews done out of the country to recruit international students. International Experience, SOM’s study abroad program, was a major topic as well. In this program a student travels for a 10 day excursion to study in a foreign country. These travels blend cultural exploration with top-level executive meetings. If you would like to read the forum in its entirety, simply follow this link.

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One Response to Yale B-School – Latest Changes

  1. JanetC

    Comment posted on January 15, 2008. Bookmark the permalink.

    Its interesting to see that Yale is making changes in its approach, increasing its international student body and student body in general as well as building and changing its curriculum.

    Do these changes mean that Yale is changing its own focus? I know Yale was particularly dedicated to non-profit business management, at least more so than some of the other top Business Schools? Does the new curriculum change this?

    Also is Yale currently smaller than other top business schools?