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Recently Manhattan Review has had a number of raffle drawings in Germany. We are pleased to announce three of our recent raffle winners: Cordelia Neumetzger, Christian Mankiewitz, and Lena Haubold!

Cordelia Neumetzger entered our raffle at our MBA Gate event in Frankfurt. Christian Mankiewitz and Lena Haubold entered our raffle at the QS World MBA tour in Berlin and Munich. All three won a free in-person GMAT course! Included in the prize are the following benefits included in our course tuition:

  • Better Score Guarantee – Unlimited Classes, Online Library & Advice
  • Turbocharge Your GMAT Math/Verbal Study and Solutions Guides
  • Extensive Quant and Vocabulary Glossaries
  • Three on-line challenging Computer Adaptive Tests
  • After-class Home Study Guideline provided
  • Discount for Private Tutoring & MBA Admissions Services
  • Discounted Access to Online Recording Library for tailored study
  • US$200 Student Referral; US$1000 Corporate Account Referral (applicable only for paying students)
  • Double Your In-Person Class Hours with an Online Course at No Additional Cost (up to 56 Hours of Total Real-time Instruction Hours)

Thanks to everyone who entered our drawings!

Posted on December 4, 2009 by Manhattan Review

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New York and Chicago’s 2009 MBA Gate turned out to be a real hit with both schools and prospective students. MBA applicants in both the “Windy City” and “Big Apple” had the opportunity to converse with US and international business schools in New York on September 9th and Chicago on the 12th. This four-hour event gave schools the opportunity to explain their MBA programs while allotting time for some valuable Q&As from students.

It seemed the big advantage this year was the unique, closed round-table format that gave prospective students the chance to have genuine one-on-one time with business school representatives. Not only did students have an opportunity to learn more about each school – but schools had time to learn more about students. In addition, students have found dedicated school presentations helpful to enhancing their knowledge about the programs.

Another big plus at MBA Gate this year? Seminars. In both Chicago and New York, MBA Gate offered a GMAT Strategy Workshop, MBA Admissions Strategy Seminar and an Interview Skills Seminar. Many participants thought these were particularly enlightening when planning for their application process, giving them a sound step with which to move forward.

Overall, the rave reviews are in for both Chicago and New York’s ’09 MBA Gate, only fueling the fire for an even better experience next year!

If you want to be part of our tour next spring and/or fall, we would love to have you at our fair. For our upcoming MBA Gate tour schedule, please visit us online or email us at info@manhattanreview.com.

Posted on September 19, 2009 by Manhattan Review

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Manhattan Review is proud to announce its popular MBA Gate event is now available in New York City, Chicago, Boston and Washington DC! Our unique Business School admissions event, MBA Gate, has been well attended since its launch in 2000. The tour focuses on honing young professionals’ career building skills and providing face-to-face in-depth interaction with business schools around the world.

Why Should You Attend?

  • No Entrance Fee to A Popular Event with Nearly 10-Year History
  • Career Building Skills Crash Course at a Central Location (Typical Topics – Interview Skills, Presentation Skills, Business Writing, Resume Building, Negotiation Skills, Cultural Sensitivity, etc)
  • Face-To-Face Interaction and in-depth Discussion with key recruiters from top schools around the world
  • Short-Listed for a dedicated Q&A with admissions officers (Invite Only)
  • Learn From Experts And Successful Professionals


  • New York (Wednesday, September 9, 09: 6pm-10pm)
  • Chicago (Saturday, September 12, 09: 1pm-5pm)
  • Boston (Wednesday, September 16, 09: 6pm-10pm)
  • Washington DC (Saturday, September 19, 09: 1pm-5pm)

Who Should Attend:

  • College Grads (up to 5 years of work experience)
  • Young Professionals interested in honing in career building skills
  • Anyone interested in MBA (Full- or Part-Time or Executive) program
  • Anyone interested in Continuing Education Programs


Register here or call (212) 375-9600 directly

For more information about our GMAT preparation courses and MBA Admissions Consulting services, please feel free to email us directly. Thanks!

Posted on July 31, 2009 by Manhattan Review

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