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Lancaster University Management School

Dr. Joern Meissner, founder and chairman of Manhattan Review, has written an article discussing the rising importance of the GMAT in the recruiting process of MBA graduates.


He draws on his years of experience as a tenured professor teaching in the MBA Program at Lancaster University Management School in the UK .

In particular, he recommends students to retake the test if a substantial score increase can be achieved and if they are looking to apply for competitive positions including those in investment banking or management consulting while their GMAT score is below 700 points.

You can find the full article titled “Why the GMAT still matters when you already are at B-School” on his academic website.

Posted on January 18, 2010 by Manhattan Review

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Dr. Joern Meissner, Founder and Chairman of Manhattan Review, has written an opinion editorial for the MBA supplement of one of Germany’s leading daily newspapers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

In particular, he discusses which characteristics a successful MBA student needs to have. He argues that good quantitative skills are essential for a manager, but alone are not enough. Social skills and teamwork are mandatory supplements for long-term success and have often been neglected in business school education. He proceeds then to discuss Lancaster University Management School’s leadership role in integrating these aspects into the current curriculum.

Dr. Meissner also mentions well-known academic Henry Mintzberg who is famous for his criticism of current MBA Programs. One of his arguments is that while case studies are in theory useful to get a feel for the daily life of a manager, they also undermine the importance of real-life work experience. The fact is that co-workers and subordinates aren’t just a set of data, but complex individuals who require more than analysis and strategies to be led effectively.

The founder of Manhattan Review already stressed the importance of a strong and impressive personality in addition to academic achievements in his previous FAZ Article from 2007. In his current article, he shows how this translates into the requirements for success in the business world. Quantitative skills are merely half the bet and social competence is a must for aspiring top managers.

An English translation, titled “It’s in the Mix: The Career Success Factors of MBA Graduates” is available in his blog.

In our research about full-tuition scholarship at business schools outside of the US, we found that quite a number of business schools offer partial tuition scholarships that also significantly cut the costs of a management education. We couldn’t keep this information to ourselves!

London Business School – London, England

Number of partial scholarships available: Over 30 different scholarships

Average class size for full-time MBA program: about 205

How to apply:  Some are awarded solely on consideration of the original MBA application. Others require submission of additional material. Many scholarships are based on the candidate’s country of origin. A number of scholarships are available solely to female candidates.

Lancaster University Management School – Lancaster, England

Number of partial scholarships available: 3 different types

Average class size for full-time MBA program: about 40-50

How to apply:  Only awarded to candidates who have been awarded a place in the program with the submission of general application and evidence of exceptional leadership qualities. One particular scholarship is designed for German-speaking students and sponsored exclusively for members of the German website e-fellows.net.

IESE Business School, University of Navarra – Campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

Number of partial scholarships available: about 15 different types of scholarships, 1 of them is awarded to 20-30 students per year

Average class size for full-time MBA program: about 215

How to apply: No separate scholarship application is required although some scholarships are awarded to strictly to female candidates, candidates from developing countries, or candidates from Asian countries.

INSEAD - Fontainebleau, France

Number of partial scholarships available: about 45 different types of scholarships

Average class size for full-time MBA program: 830

How to apply: For most of the scholarships, no separate scholarship application is required. Some are based on merit and some based on financial need.

Copenhagen Business School – Copenhagen, Denmark

Number of partial scholarships available: 18 scholarships for students from outside the EU/EEA

Average class size for full-time MBA program: about 40

How to apply: No separate application or additional materials necessary to be eligible. Students receiving a scholarship may not receive a scholarship from their home country or be entitled to a state education grant or any other public support in Denmark.

International Institute of Management and Development (IMD) – Lausanne, Switzerland

Number of partial scholarships available: 7

Average class size for full-time MBA program: 90

How to apply: Accepted candidates for the program are considered for most of the scholarships.