Satisfaction Surveys among MBA Grads

Posted on April 30, 2008 | Filed in Career, MBA

A recent study conducted by the GMAC suggests that MBA graduates are largely satisfied with their decision to attain an MBA. The study is based on factors such as increased long-term income and financial stability, connections gained as a result of their MBA, increased confidence, and respect accorded to them after their MBA. The study chooses not to focus on immediate financial rewards as these, though motivating factors in seeking an MBA, are not necessarily representative of overall satisfaction.

The study is based on recipients of full, executive, and part-time MBAs (online and distance MBAs etc. make up only 1% of those surveyed). A majority of those surveyed (58%) were in full-time MBA programs.

Especially interesting are the high satisfaction ratings among MBAs who desired to change or switch careers following their programs. Among these MBA recipients, very high rates of satisfaction are expressed in the areas of post-MBA marketability as well as post-MBA long-term financial stability.

MBAs were also surveyed as to the degree to which they feel satisfied in their skill development as a result of their MBA program. Skills such as strategic thinking and technological skills among others were included in the survey. In terms of skill improvement, it was again evident that those interested in career change were more satisfied. However, those MBAs who pursued the degree with the intention of enhancing their pre-MBA career expressed lower degree of satisfaction in their skill improvement.

This survey did not take into account additional demographic factors (location, ethnicity, nationality and race). Such factors too might have resulted in interesting findings.

The above discussions are based on GMAC Research Report “Satisfied MBAs: Career Switchers and Career Enhancers from Around the World,” written by Sabeen Sheikh & Kara Siegert on 7 June 2007.

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