Get to Know More About Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper

Posted on June 10, 2008 | Filed in Admissions, MBA

Set in the old industrial city of Pittsburgh, Tepper seeks business school students whose backgrounds prove them to be genuinely good and hard-working people, the type you’d like to share an office with. Offering its students a range of extracurricular activities during business school and boasting a superbly functioning administration, which makes the interview and job application process much smoother, Tepper is becoming an increasing attractive location for an MBA. Such flexibility and openness is also displayed in their waitlist policy which allows you, once placed on the list, to update your file, even add a recommendation, before they rank their waiting list applicants. Recently, Tepper has been flooded with 2008-2009 applications, receiving possibly 14% more than last year. In terms of getting into Tepper, just as for other schools, it is recommended that you learn as much as can about the school before applying. This allows you to be able to craft your application in such a way that an admissions committee is likely to interpret as a good match to the school. It also allows you to know early on whether the school will be able to adequately suit your needs. Tepper encourages applicants to visit or engage in its online forum to learn more about the school before applying.

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