Tackling the Increasingly Challenging GMAT

Posted on November 6, 2007 | Filed in GMAT

GMAT Updates – Noticeable Trends

Based on quite a few recent student reports, the GMAT is becoming increasingly challenging, both on the math and verbal sections. Therefore thorough and serious GMAT preparation plays a crucial role in scoring high. Practice, practice and practice to get your time management under full control!

Here is a summary of recent trends, which might not be representative for all GMAT tests.

Verbal Section

Reading Comprehension: Instead of 3-4 passages, you may see 4-5 passages now with 2 science passages (non-social science) in the same exam. Some of them can be much longer or shorter than normally expected.

Takeaway Point: Gaining time from finishing Sentence Correction problems seem to become more and more inadequate. You also need to practice Reading Comprehension more diligently as it takes significantly more time and concentration to skim through each passage and jot down notes either mentally or physically.

Sentence Correction: Out of 14-15 questions in this category, you might see 3-4 fully underlined problems in the same exam.

Takeaway Point: This means that instead of zeroing in on the common errors of parts of a sentence, you should also work on most efficient and grammatically correct sentence construction to convey the underlying logic clearly. This skill also ties with your AWA practice.

Math Section

Data Sufficiency: This is an increasing number of Data Sufficiency questions, making it harder to score high, as most students have more issues with this category.

Takeaway Point: Practice more with Data Sufficiency after you get a good handle on problem solving. Do not become complacent at your math skills. Get more used to drawing conclusions based on conditions, while skipping the interim calculation. Data Sufficiency prepares you well to be a manager who is comfortable with making quick calls based on limited resources and information!

Problem Solving: The difficulty level is increasing. So study all the advanced topics as well!

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