Basic Strategies to Conquer the GMAT

Posted on December 4, 2012 | Filed in Admissions, GMAT, MBA

Not everyone studies for the GMAT or approaches it in the same way, so we at Manhattan Review have come up with a list of helpful tips and strategies anyone can use to come out at the top.

  • Practice with a time limit The GMAT is timed so it is best to work problems under a time constraint. In doing so, you will learn how to effectively manage your time. While studying without a time limit is sensible, you cannot hope to accurately gauge how you will perform “under the gun” if your practice sessions do not closely mirror the real thing.
  • Complete every question We cannot stress this enough! You will be penalized more for not writing down an answer than you would writing down a wrong one. If you cannot solve/answer a question within a reasonable amount of time – i.e., two minutes – skip it, make note of it, and then move on to the rest. If you have managed your time correctly you should be able to go back and complete any missed questions.
  • Focus on the problem at hand You must not think about a question you had to skip over or the upcoming Integrated Reasoning section or anything else for that matter; focus only on the problem you are currently tackling. This will allow you to think clearly, answer properly, and assist you with pacing.

This is but a small number of strategies to assist you with the GMAT. For more detailed information, contact Manhattan Review today.

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