Information on what happens on your TOEFL Test Day

What Happens on TOEFL Test Day?

On TOEFL test day, test takers should arrive at the test center 30 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin. Everyone should be prepared to show their registration confirmation and a valid ID. The ID must be an original document that is valid (not expired) and contains the test taker's name, photo and signature. Test takers with any questions about the validity of their ID should check the ETS Web site. ETS recommends that test takers check their online registration the day before the test to ensure that there are no changes to the test time or location.

At the testing site, a photo will be taken of each test taker and displayed at the test taker's testing station throughout the test. The picture taken at the testing facility will also appear on the test taker's score report. Test takers will also be asked to provide handwriting and signature samples. Some facilities might ask for a thumb scan or conduct video monitoring.

No food or electronic devices are allowed in the testing center. Test takers will not have access to personal items such as books, handbags or backpacks, which will be stored separately for security purposes. For a full list of test day policies, check the ETS TOEFL Web site.

Canceling Scores or Rescoring Tests

After completing the test, scores can be canceled. If scores are canceled, they will not be sent to institutions and they will not be added to the test taker's permanent record. There is no fee for canceling scores, but the test fee will not be refunded. Canceled scores can be reinstated if a formal request is made to ETS no later than 10 days after the test date. There is a $20 fee for reinstatement.

In addition, the Writing and/or Speaking sections can be rescored if a formal request is made within 30 days of the test date. The sections cannot be rescored if the test taker has already requested that the scores be sent to institutions. The rescoring can only happen once, and if both sections are being rescored they must be rescored at the same time. The cost to rescore is $80 per section.

Sending Scores to Institutions

Prior to the test, test takers may select four institutions to receive their TOEFL iBT scores free of charge. Official score reports will be mailed to the institutions listed as designated recipients approximately 13 days after the test date. Arrival time for scores sent internationally may vary. ETS suggests test takers allow four to six weeks for international delivery. After the test, test takers may add other institutions to the list receiving their scores for $18 per score report.