Technical Writing for Business Professionals

"How to Improve Your Technical Writing Ability"

Workshop Duration: Half Day

Target Audience: Business Professionals, IT Professionals and Project Managers

The Problem

Excellent technical writing is not just a matter of accuracy and precision. As systems in IT and in other areas of the business increase in complexity, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to explain what is happening in simple and clear language. This workshop walks participants through the fundamentals of excellent technical writing.

What participants will be able to do upon completing this workshop

  • Identify blocking points in their writing
  • Compare different models of technical writing
  • Develop consistent models for simplifying explanations
  • Identify and fix ineffective technical writing
  • Learn how to write both technical and non-technical pieces through a narrative lens

Session Topics

  • What to Write and How: Understanding how to define the message and recipient
  • Audience Clarity: Defining the audience more precisely
  • Goal Clarity: Defining why to write more precisely
  • What makes technical writing different: comparison of writing models