Business English – Smart Business Talk

There are so many ways of saying the same thing on a business-related occasion. Depending on the impact you would like to make and the audience you are facing, you should have an arsenal of words and expressions to choose from to tailor your message and achieve the optimal results.

We will start the course with some warm-up exercises with a list of verbs, adjectives, business idioms and colloquial expression commonly used in business settings. We will then introduce to you various synonyms and phrases with similar meanings, however, slightly different connotations and usages. Some group exercises will be conducted to reinforce your understanding of and familiarity with the words. Special business situations such as interviews, business travel, meetings and conference calls, will be addressed as well.

The topics will then be switched to how you can best present yourself in meetings and at presentations. We will discuss the recommended posture, tone and pace. Choice of words is also an art when you speak to a group of people. It is on those occasions that your mastery of English vocabulary is truly put to test.

You also need to react fast in a lot of situations to either defend yourself or make your opinions heard. How to be more assertive, without being over-bearing, can also be an art in properly expressing yourself. We will provide a list of quick guides to prepare you more naturally for those unforeseen moments.

Student Testimonials

“Excellent approach to show the subtle differences between many frequently-used expressions on the job!”

“A must buy for young professionals who wish to communicate more effectively on a daily basis.”

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Topics Covered

  1. Lexicon: The Precise Choice of Words based on their connotations and best applications
    • Verbs
    • Adjectives
    • Business Idioms & Slang
    • Colloquial Expressions
    • Synonyms
    2. How to perfect your English mastery
    • Grammar Nuisances
    • Precise use of articles and prepositions
    • Accent Reduction
    • Precise Choice of Words
    3. How to present yourself and deliver your message
    • Tone
    • Pace
    • Stance
    • Euphemisms
    • Cultural Sensitivity & Etiquette
    • Effective Writing
    • Tailor your message to the audience
    4. Group Practice
    • Interviews Skills
    • Conference Calls & Meetings
    • Compensation discussion with boss
    • Presentations & Negotiation