Managing International Project Teams

“Understanding how different approaches to relationships and reasoning impact international project teams”

Workout Session Duration: Half Day

Target Audience: Project Managers, Managers

The Problem

We think differently. No two people are alike. This makes understanding difficult – especially when there are huge gaps in culture and context. Increasingly, international project teams are faced with obstacles that result from real differences in approach to relationships and reasoning. This workshop looks at some of the high-level fundamental differences in perception and how they impact prioritization, planning and resource allocation on project teams.

What Participants Will be Able to do Upon Completing this Workshop

  • Understand the content vs. context gap
  • Define limitations to performance based relationship building
  • Define limitations to relationship based performance models
  • Identify primary regional differences in reasoning
  • Identify reflexive vs. realist approaches to workflow
  • Differentiate various models of reasoning and relationship building

Session Topics

  • Reflexivity: The role of SFP in the workplace
  • Context vs. Content: What is known is not the same as what is used
  • Reasoning Models: Why do people think the way they do
  • The Inner Child: Managers and workers are the sum of their individual histories