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[1] Some might believe that social media is a bit 1 wieldy when it comes to establishing and nurturing relationships with clients. [2] But the reality is that when you know how to do it the right way, meaningful connections can indeed be made through multiple social media platforms. [3] So how exactly is it done? [4] Every business will connect with their target audience and their customers in different ways, but 2 there are a few guidelines you can take advantage of if you are a business that is just 3 beginning out on social media.

[5] There are so many ways 5 in utilizing Facebook to develop connections with social media users. [6] While most businesses now have their own Facebook page on that social media platform, there are many other ways to build your online presence through the website. [7] One such way is by developing a Facebook community for your social media followers and customers. [8] It's free for businesses to create Facebook groups and they 6 can be: secret, private, or public. [9] The key to 7 festering a successful community on Facebook is by being active. [10] 8 Regularly posting news and updates in the groups and opening up the group for members of it to communicate as they please. [11] It's a great way for your customers to feel as though 9 it is a part of something important and has a sense of community.

[12] When you use social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter and post an update on either one of the platforms, you are opening yourself up to responses from your followers. [13] This not only allows you to get new insights on your followers, current consumers, and potential consumers, it presents the opportunity for you to have a dialogue with them. [14] Communication is a two-way street and you can establish a healthy, meaningful rapport through social media.

[15] If you are a large company, support a charitable organization. [16] If you are a small business known locally, you can still support a charitable organization or you could consider other means of being supportive on a local scale. [17] 10 While it simply isn't possible to respond to every single comment you receive on social media, you can make an effort to respond to the most pressing or engaging ones. [18] Do something that gets your brand out there as a business with a humanitarian side.

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