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Section: Math - Additional Topics in Math
Topics: Trigonometry; Conversion
Difficulty level: Challenging

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If all the angles used in the following statements are in radians, which of the statements are true? (with calculator)

I. $\mathrm{cos}\left(\dfrac{\mathrm{8}\mathrm{\pi }}{\mathrm{5}}\right)\mathrm{>sin}\left(\dfrac{\mathrm{3}\mathrm{\pi }}{\mathrm{4}}\right)$

II. $\mathrm{cos}\left(\dfrac{\mathrm{8}\mathrm{\pi }}{\mathrm{3}}\right)\mathrm{>tan}\left(\dfrac{\mathrm{2}\mathrm{\pi }}{\mathrm{5}}\right)$

AOnly I
BOnly II
CBoth I and II
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