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Section: Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)

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In the Chicago Airport there is a Hamleys Toy store for kids. The store has a great collection of soft toys, few of which are displayed at the front gate of the shop for attracting children and other passengers. The displayed soft toys are of animal characters and are arranged in 6 shelves, each having two decks – upper and lower. The following information about the arrangement of the soft toys is known:

  1. The Teddy Bear is placed to the right of the Crocodile
  2. The Dog is third to the left of the Parrot and at the same deck as that of the Parrot
  3. The Cat is not placed in any of the extreme ends
  4. The Lion is placed above the Tiger but in some other shelf
  5. The Monkey is placed at the lower deck of the rightmost shelf
  6. The Giraffe is placed to the immediate right of the Elephant and is at the same deck as that of the Dog
  7. The Panda is not placed near the Elephant or the Monkey
  8. The Parrot shares the shelf with the Kingfisher
  9. The Elephant is placed at the upper deck of the second shelf from left

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If the Teddy Bear is placed at the lower deck, which of the following is placed in the same shelf where the Panda is placed?

CTeddy Bear
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