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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Point at Issue
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Melissa: In the last one year, the sale of biscuits, which are one of the cheapest retail food items, has fallen in the rural areas by more than 5 percent. This means that the rural citizens of our country are becoming poorer and are not being able to afford even the cheapest food items.

Mark: Nonsense. During the last one year alone, 10 percent of the rural population of our country has migrated to urban areas for the long-term.

Which one of the following is a point of disagreement between Melissa and Mark?

AThe rural citizens of the country are experiencing economic stress due to falling sale of biscuits.
BThe sale of biscuits in rural areas has declined due to falling rural incomes.
CThe affordability of the cheapest food items in the rural areas increases with increased migration of people from rural to urban areas.
DMigration of people from rural to urban areas adversely impacts the poorest citizens of the country.
EWith the migration of people from rural to urban areas, the sale of biscuits in the urban areas is bound to increase.