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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Parallel Reasoning
Difficulty level: Medium

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Most of the law reforms suggested by the Feminist Group for Rights are implemented within five years of the first suggestion. Therefore, the law reforms first suggested by this group at the convention today will probably be implemented within five years.

The pattern of reasoning in which one of the following arguments is most similar to that in the argument above?

AMost of the Emmy Awards in the last three years have gone to web series in the crime genre. Thus, if most of the Emmy Awards next year are awarded to web series, most of these web series will probably belong to the crime genre.
BMost of the farmers in this region grow paddy. Therefore, paddy is likely to have been a staple food of this region for centuries.
CMost consumers of single use plastics live in urban areas. Therefore, if a person does not consume single use plastics, he probably does not live in an urban area.
DThe child mortality rate has worsened slowly but steadily for the last five years. Therefore, the government’s move to slash funding of its child-vaccination program is ill-advised.
EMost graduates of this law school find jobs in the top twenty law firms of the country upon graduation. Therefore, most students of the outgoing class are likely to find jobs in the top twenty law firms of the country upon graduation.
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