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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Method of Reasoning
Difficulty level: Challenging

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The government's renewable energy policy will favor either the solar energy industry or the hydropower industry. According to reliable sources in the Energy ministry, the government has assessed that the negative impact of hydropower industry on the environment is much greater than that of solar energy industry. This government is committed to improve the environment. It is therefore almost certain that the renewable energy policy will favor the solar energy industry.

The argument proceeds by

Aconcluding that a particular event is unlikely to occur by explaining why the only available alternative will probably occur
Bconcluding that one event is highly likely to occur by refuting the likelihood of the only available alternative
Cinferring, from a claim that only one of two events will occur, that the other event will not occur
Dpredicting a future event on the basis of statistical analysis
Etreating something that is probable as though it were inevitable
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