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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Principle
Difficulty level: Challenging

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A restaurant waiter took individual orders from a large group of patrons orally, without writing anything down, and yet served everyone's food correctly. However, when a few hours later, a patron returned to retrieve a forgotten item, the waiter did not recognize him. When the patron pointed out the discrepancy between the waiter’s excellent memory before of what each patron in the large group had ordered and his present failure at the simple task of recognizing him, the waiter explained that he remembered the details of each order only until it was served.

Which one of the following principles is best illustrated by the incident described above?

AWhen restaurant waiters are asked to help find an item forgotten by a patron, they feign temporary loss of memory.
BRestaurant waiters best remember those patrons that do not come in large groups.
CThe memory of restaurant patrons tends to make a strong distinction between finished and unfinished tasks.
DThe bigger and more complex a task is, the more difficult it is to remember its details.
EHumans tend to remember unfinished tasks better than tasks that have been completed.
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