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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Inference
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Movies that contain persistent violence are usually given R rating. R rated movies can be viewed in a theater by a child or an under-17 adolescent only in the company of a parent or an adult guardian. Mr. Smith and Mr. Green are two directors whose every movie has been given an R rating, while only some of Ms. Abbott's movies are R rated.

Which one of the following logically follows from the statements above, if they are true?

AThe movies made by female directors are more often viewed alone in the theaters by children or under-17 adolescents than the movies made by male directors.
BAn under-17 adolescent cannot view a movie of Mr. Green by himself in a theater.
CNo movie of Mr. Smith can be viewed by a child or an under-17 adolescent in a theater.
DA child is more likely to view a movie made by Ms. Abbott in a theater than a movie made by Mr. Green.
ESome of Ms. Abbott's movies do not contain persistent violence.
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