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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Evaluate the Argument
Difficulty level: Challenging

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Chief Executive Officer of Noan Industries: All competitors of our company are only concerned with increasing their profits and do not bother about the environmental degradation that their product-manufacturing process causes. In contrast, we have got our product-manufacturing process audited for its environmental impact by Green Org, a reputed international agency that monitors industrial pollution. So, when our customers choose to buy from us, they can be sure that they are buying from an environmentally-responsible company.

The answer to which one of the following questions would be most useful in evaluating the truth of the conclusion drawn by the Chief Executive Officer?

ADoes Noan Industries provide more donations than its competitors to agencies that work to reverse the environmental impact of industrial pollution?
BHas Green Org audited the product-manufacturing processes of all competitors of Noan Industries?
CIn the product category in which Noan Industries operates, does the buying decision of customers get influenced by the environmental-responsibility of a company?
DDo Noan's customers trust the audit reports of Green Org?
EDoes Noan Industries make lesser profits than its competitors?
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