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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Weaken the Argument
Difficulty level: Medium

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This year, the cotton crop in Alabama has been attacked by a new, hardy variety of bollworm that is resistant to all known pesticides. Due to this, the cotton production of the state has declined by 40 percent this year. Since this bollworm variety reproduces rapidly, it is likely to spread through all cotton-producing states of the United States by the next year and, therefore, we can expect a decline of at least 40 percent in the amount of cotton produced in the country next year.

Which one of the following, if true, most weakens the argument?

AMany other crops in Alabama too have been attacked by this bollworm variety this year.
BThe natural predators of this bollworm variety are not able to survive in Alabama while cotton-farms in other cotton-producing states have large populations of these predators.
CNinety-five percent of all cotton produced in the United States is of the Upland variety, which is also the only variety of cotton that is grown in Alabama.
DThe domestic prices of cotton are not likely to increase next year as the United States will be able to meet its domestic demand for cotton through imports.
EAgricultural scientists in the United States are making a massive effort to soon develop a variety of genetically-modified cotton that is resistant to this bollworm variety.
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