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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Strengthen
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Astragalus linifolius, a rare plant species that is found only in the Colorado region of the United States, reproduces when a pollinating agent like a fly or a bee carries the pollen grain from the male part of one plant to the female part of another plant of the same species. To maintain the population of this species, the use of pesticides that control grasshoppers should be banned in this region. These pesticides also often result in significant mortality among the Bombylius flies that are the most important pollinating agents of A. linifolius.

Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument?

AA. linifolius has a short life-span.
BA. linifolius is also pollinated, though to a much-lesser degree, by some local species of bees.
CThe pesticides that control insect herbivores other than grasshoppers are even more toxic to Bombylius flies.
DBombylius flies do not reproduce very fast and their populations do not recover for many years after one spraying of a pesticide that controls grasshoppers.
EThe populations of some other plant species in the Colorado region have decreased to an even greater extent than the population of A. linifolius since the spraying of pesticides that control grasshoppers first started in the region.
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