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Section: Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)

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In a school, 9 students, Andrew, Bach, Caesar, Drew, Elena, Fischer, Grant, Hughes, and Ileana are selected to form 3 debate teams – Team A, Team B and Team C -- to participate in interschool competitions. The following information is known:

  • Each team will have exactly 3 students and no student can be a part of more than one team
  • Caesar cannot be selected in Team A if Ileana is not selected in Team A as well
  • Andrew and Bach are in the same team and so are Elena and Grant
  • Andrew and Caesar are not in the same team
  • Bach and Ileana are not in the same team
  • Drew and Elena are not in the same team

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If Grant and Ileana are in Team C, which of the following must be true?

ACaesar is in Team B
BDrew is in Team A
CElena is in Team B
DFischer is in Team C
EHughes is in Team A
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