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Section: Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)

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Seven friends, Abe, Bob, Chad, Dolly, Elisa, Frank, and Gregory sit in a VIP enclosure of a stadium to watch a football match. The seats in the enclosure form a 3 x 3 matrix, i.e. 3 rows (front, middle and last) with 3 seats in each row. The following information is known:

  • Chad sits immediately beside Dolly
  • Dolly sits in a row immediately behind the row in which Abe is sitting
  • There is no one sitting on one side of Chad
  • None of Elisa or Gregory sits immediately beside Abe
  • Bob sits in the last row

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Who could be the respective persons sitting in the middle of the first and last rows?

I. Bob and Gregory
II. Frank and Gregory
III. Abe and Elisa

AOnly I
BOnly II
COnly I and II
DOnly II and III
EAll of I, II and III
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