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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Role Play
Difficulty level: Challenging

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The Urban Intelligence Unit publishes an annual Livability Ranking, which ranks 100 American cities for their quality of life based on assessments of urban infrastructure, healthcare, education, crime rates, culture and climate. Yet, this ranking should also consider unemployment rates. After all, if a city is unable to offer work opportunities to a sizeable proportion of its population that needs to work for survival, the quality of life for that proportion would be abysmal.

The claim that the Livability Ranking should consider unemployment rates in a city plays which one of the following roles in the argument?

AIt offers a reason to support the conclusion.
BIt is an assertion that refutes the conclusion.
CIt is a principle from which the conclusion is derived.
DIt is a premise of the argument.
EIt is a conclusion of the argument.
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