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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Point at Issue
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Tony: Most web-pages on the internet have numerous enticing and hard-to-ignore hyperlinks, with each hyperlink leading to further hyperlinks and so on. Regularly falling into this bottomless hole of distracting and mostly trivial information on the internet decreases the ability of heavy internet users to do complex reasoning that requires focus and attention.

James: A research study has found that heavy internet users did better than infrequent users on tests for focus and attention and also had stronger muscles in the brain areas associated with complex reasoning, which suggests a higher usage of these muscles.

The dialogue most strongly supports the claim that Tony and James disagree with each other about whether

Afocus and attention are necessary to do complex reasoning
Bmost web-pages on the internet require internet users to do complex reasoning
Cmost web-pages on the internet have hard-to-ignore hyperlinks
Dheavy internet usage decreases a person's ability to do complex reasoning
Eheavy internet users are more knowledgeable than infrequent internet users
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