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Section: Logical Reasoning
Topic: Parallel flaw in the argument
Difficulty level: Hard

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Arguing for the acquittal of his client from the charge of murdering the client's wife, the attorney reasoned that since neither the garage nor the main door of the client's home was bolted on the night of the murder, a thief must have trespassed on the home to steal valuables, and upon an unexpected confrontation with the client's wife, murdered her.

The flawed pattern of reasoning in the argument above is most similar to that in which one of the following?

AThe city administration could not find a solution to either water shortage or waterlogging problems; thus, it had to eat a humble pie and publicly accept responsibility for its lackluster approach.
BDue to the work strike of railroads and the non-availability of sufficient buses during the rush hours – the only two modes of transport used by John, he may have faced a hard time commuting during the rush hours.
CIn a 100-meter race, two of Amy's co-participants won Silver and Bronze and she performed exceedingly well; it follows that Amy won Gold.
DThe evidence collected reveals that the financial fraud was executed by neither one nor all the team members. Therefore, it can be concluded that it was executed by either some team members or a third party.
EIn an annual test of Midland high school students, the average score of neither the boys nor the girls is more than 50; thus, the average score of the total students is not more than 50.
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