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Amid the present wave of job redundancies for skilled but unemployed youth, the publication of an encouraging report on the viability of garage startup enterprises has led the Federal government to set up an investment fund, under its Federal light-industry program, to provide capital for such enterprises. This plan has drawn opposition from various quarters; the critics claim that similar funds, also set up under the Federal light-industry program, that aim to stimulate small enterprises frequently end up harming other American social groups unconnected to these enterprises.

Which of the following best provides support for the claim made by the critics above?

AGarage enterprises in Washington State now produce almost 12% of the vehicle components previously imported from South East Asia.
BThe funding of the Federal light-industry program depends on the reallocation of resources earmarked for disadvantaged groups.
CThe debate concerning the Federal light-industry program created a backlog in the Federal legislative schedule.
DThe union for Federal light-Industry workers was the prime source of the claim.
EPrograms like Federal light-industry programs have yielded great results in past.
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