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Section: Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
Topic: Find the Assumption
Difficulty level: Challenging

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The decline in the value of Europe's currency Euro is proving to be a mixed blessing. The German economy in particular is booming with rising exports in everything from heavy industry to hotels and service providers. The French economy is experiencing a similar phenomenon with a special emphasis on defense products. However, the European Central Bank has issued its starkest warning yet that the value of the Euro will decrease by at least 3 percent over the next six months; hence its intervention to control the depreciation of Euro will become vital.

The European Central Bank assumes that ...

Athe German economy is performing better than the French economy
Bthe superlative performance of the German and French economies may not be enough to resurrect the sliding Euro
Cthe superlative performance of the heavy industry, the hospitality sector, service providers, and the defense sector may not be enough to resurrect the sliding Euro
Dthe exports from Germany and France are more than the exports from other European countries
Eonly two European countries – Germany and France – are performing above the European Central Bank's benchmark performance index
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