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Section: Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
Topic: Inference
Difficulty level: Medium

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TMC cars has been undergoing some dramatic changes. Gone is the image of a company focused solely upon the US. Now, both the products and the workforce have begun to reflect the global nature of the company. The new works team is composed of people from all over the world. All of the mechanical engineers are the product of an in-house training scheme although, as yet, none of the engineers specializing in hydraulics has won the prestigious Order of Merit bestowed by the Mechanical Engineers Union. So far, only winners of the Order of Merit have gone on to become department heads.

If it is determined that all of the information provided by the passage is true, which of the following must also be true of the works team?

AAll of the department heads have received the Order of Merit.
BAll of the winners of the Order of Merit have received in-house training.
CNone of the department heads who have specialized in hydraulics are the product of an in-house training scheme.
DNone of the department heads are from the US.
ENone of the non-US mechanical engineers who are the products of in-house training have the Order of Merit.
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