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Section: Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
Topic: Resolve the Paradox
Difficulty level: Challenging

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Despite being known for a decade to recruit most of its automobile mechanics from Main Street Technical School and like schools, this year Ace Motor Company recruited a significantly lesser number of automobile mechanics from these schools, and recruited a significantly greater number of automobile mechanics who did not do any qualifying course at a formal technical school.

Which of the following best resolves the discrepancy reflected in this year's recruiting policy of Ace Motor Company?

AThree years back, Ace Motor Company had a major restructuring in its production department.
BOne of the reputed automobile industry magazines ranked Downhill Technical School ahead of Main Street Technical School.
CAce Motor Company opened its in-house technical training school to train newly recruited automobile mechanics.
DThe salary gap between the recruits who did a qualifying course from a formal technical school and those who did not is narrowing.
EThe automobile mechanics who do not do a qualifying course from a formal technical School have always been talented but they could not afford the fee for such a course.
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